Leben und studieren an einer deutschen Universität

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Living and Learning at a German University

In this workshop, six students picked up on the pitfalls of everyday life in Germany at a university. In order to record the difficulties that many exchange students in Germany are facing, they created a video podcast. Intercultural and linguistic-communicative competences in the university area, that play a key role in topics relevant to the study, such as a conversation with a professor and punctuality, were deepened. To present the learned contents, they made the short film ‘Student Everyday Life at the UNI’. The three scenes show five cultural dimensions from everyday student life at the Technical University of Darmstadt.

The first scene shows stereotypes and advantages. 5 students meet at the canteen for lunch. Someone's coming later. Everyone gets a meal, then they start eating and a discussion about the mutual perception of the other culture starts. Scene 1

The second scene takes place in the canteen over coffee. They are discussing about family circumstances in the respective country. The cultural dimension shown here is collectivism and individualism. Scene 2

The third scene is played in a room at the TU Darmstadt. The same students should work together in a project. It is shown how seriously students take the group work. The depicted cultural dimension is factual and relationship level. Scene 3

In addition, the different time perception and the body language characteristic of each culture are shown in all the scenes. Due to the intercultural composition of the participants, they have already applied essential behaviors during the preparation of the content, which are discussed during the workshop.

At the public final meeting, the film was presented and feedback was distributed.