The first meeting:

  • Discuss mutual interests and goals:
    • Why do I want to learn the language? (exchange program, travel, employment abroad…)
    • Which skills do I want to improve? (writing, speaking, reading, listening)
    • How do I learn most efficiently?
    • How can your partner help? (e.g. pronunciation, writing style, informal language…)
    • How much time do I want to invest? How do I want to be corrected?
  • Arrange a fixed day/time for meetings (e.g. twice a week for 1-2 hours). Regular meetings are helpful for making progress. However, if you prefer to be more spontaneous or flexible, then a fixed time is not necessary.

Organizing your Tandem partnership

  • Location: You can arrange any date or place for your meetings, as long as both sides agree to it. It is also possible to find Tandem partners at the weekly Sprachencafé.
  • Time management: It is recommended that you spend time on both languages of interest equally. In this way both of you will get the chance to improve your language skills.
  • Correction: You should agree on how and how often to correct each other. For example: Let your partner know which errors you want him/her to listen for and correct, e.g. pronunciation, grammar, etc.

Helpful Material

  • Using work and exercise books can help you and your partner to structure your learning process. These materials can suggest topics to talk about or help with a focus on grammar issues. You can find textbooks in the SPZ Lehr- und Lernmittel Sammlung (LLMS) in S1/03 room 13.
  • The University of Bochum also provides content online: Link
  • You can also keep a learning journal to track your personal progress.

If you have any further questions, please contact