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Sprachencafé (Language Cafe)

Learning Languages in Groups

Every Thursday 5:15-8:00 p.m. at TU Darmstadt S1|03 Room 9.

Sprachencafé offers a platform for students interested in languages, culture and people of all nationalities. It is a weekly gathering in cozy atmosphere. There is no registration required, you can come by whenever you prefer. We also organize our meetings in a Facebook group which you are welcome to join.

In Sprachencafé you can communicate in groups at language tables. Each table is assigned to another language and you are free to sit anywhere. Discussions vary from everyday situations to cultural heritage and differences. There is no specific topic given.

It is also possible to arrange tandem meetings with a partner that you get to know in Sprachencafé.

We serve coffee, tea and snacks. Come around, it’s free!